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Elite Realtors and Property Management can be summarized into three words:

Our staff hold a combined 25 years experience in the Industry and routinely deal with large developments from Hotels and Resorts to residential properties, making us very versatile in our portfolio management. The firm is built on a sturdy foundation which allows us to be ready and willing to undertake any challenges. Our CEO, Mr. Lawrence Samuel brings a wealth of experience to our team and together we form a dynamic company which offers the best quality Real Estate services to our patrons.

100% customer satisfaction is our daily mission and we achieve this by expertly matching you to your ideal properties whether it may be for Commercial, Residential or even Agricultural purposes. We offer a broad array of locations to choose from both within the Caribbean and internationally, with a wide range of options choices to suit any budget.

But our duty doesn’t stop there!

Your complete satisfaction is our goal so together with our Reliable Team of Attorneys, Developers, Contractors and other industry professionals; we are available to assist you in all aspects regarding guidance and advice when buying, selling or renting properties.

We aim to be a “one-stop-shop” that tailors to all your individual requirements.


Lawrence Samuel CHA

MIH, HRIM (hon.)

Our CEO, Lawrence Samuel is a qualified hospitality specialist with over thirty years of industry experience in hotels and golf course management within the Caribbean. He spent the last 10 years working as the Chief Operations Officer of Cap Estate Saint Lucia limited and was a key player in the Jack Nicklaus/Raffles development and the Island Club development in Saint Lucia.

As COO for Cap Estate he was responsible for the development of infrastructure and sales of three of the most sought after community subdivisions in Saint Lucia, – Mount Hardy, Seabreeze Hills and Seabreeze Heights.

Lawrence Samuel is a renowned hotelier throughout the Caribbean, having worked in Saint Lucia, Antigua and Grenada and served as a director of the Caribbean Hotels Association for several years. He also has extensive golf course management experience and was recently certified by the USGA Association of Golf Course Managers, joining the racks of the top golf course managers worldwide.

He is a results-oriented leader with a very strong background in finance/accounting and general administration.