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Gold Cliff at Anse Jambette

Property ID: PW001
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St.Lucia is viewed as one of the best value development property markets in the Caribbean because of its natural beauty, accessibility from major markets, upscale developments that are underway and proposed, and fast growing stock of amenities. The primary locations for new upscale developments are the north west and south west coasts but the stock of beach front property in those areas is scarce. Many investors are now looking to the east coast as a frontier for large high density developments and this trend will help maintain the exclusivity of the north west and south west coasts for upscale low to medium density, high value developments. Property acquisition costs on the west coast are higher relative to other parts of the island and this compels a developer to create a development which will attract high villa/condo purchase prices and/or room rates. The south west coast already has the reputation for some of the finest boutique resorts in the world and the area is a stop on the map of the jet set crowd.

Property Details

Property Status: FOR SALE
Property ID: PW001
Property Type: Development Opportunity
Cost: $0
Community: West Coast
Property Features:
  • 8.8 acres of bay front and cliff side land with an additional 8‐9 acres of Queen’s Chain (pending government survey of adjoining Crown property) property for lease.
  • The Gold Cliff Development Company has an agreement for sale to purchase 100 acres of the adjoining property which slopes upwards from the coast line, thereby providing panoramic ocean views for additional villas.
  • The property is located within an approved Special Development Area where, under the Special Development Areas Act, can benefit from a wide range of tax and other special waivers for approved developments.
  • Gold Cliff Development Company has applied for a host of tourism and fiscal incentives which, if granted, will allow the Company to benefit from various tax waivers on income and profits for 10 years of more, waivers of import duties on building materials, equipment, vehicles, furniture and fixtures, among many other waivers.
  • It is not located in a congested area with mass tourism amenities but is within 40 minutes drive of both airports ‐ It is located on the pristine and exclusive south west coast: 
    •  10 minutes by speed boat to both Soufriere and Marigot Bay 
    •  20 minutes scenic drive to both Soufriere and Marigot Bay.
  • The property has access to a bay and a beach: 
    •  Pristine bay ideal for swimming and docking small to medium sized yachts and speed boats

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