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Why buy in St. Lucia?

Saint Lucia is still remarkably one of the world’s most unspoilt areas in the world, a hidden gem but still well known enough to attract about one million visitors annually.

According to Overseas Living Magazine:

 ’When you arrive in Saint Lucia, you are immediately taken aback by the sheer and undeniable beauty of this island. It is a faithful replica of the picturesque postcards that you buy in any airport shop or tourist centre.

Its cluster of natural attractions neither disappoint nor under whelm and you can lose yourself quite easily in the exploration of its diverse cultural heritage. What may not be quite so obvious is the equally diverse investment landscape that Saint Lucia has to offer to the financially savvy visitor.’

Regardless of the uncertainties in the real estate world Saint Lucia is destined to retain its land value due to the finite nature of its natural resources, pristine oceans, friendly people and natural beauty. It offers the best in fine dining and is still able to balance simple pleasures with unmatched luxury. It is a perfect getaway for honeymooners and retirees.

Investment in the region, offers the shrewd investor the opportunity to not only make a successful investment that will generate a provide a strong return on investment, but also offers the investor the chance to capitalise on St Lucia’s excellent tourism by using the facilities themselves. St Lucia is gaining more and more recognition as the preferred destination for the discerning international traveller.

One of the world’s top sources for travel tips and advice-Tripadvisor, has placed the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia among its ten best destinations.  The TripAdvisor 2010 Travelers’ Choice Best Destination Awards put Saint Lucia in the Top 10 Destinations in the Caribbean and Mexico region for two categories: Relaxation & Spa as well as Romance.

In addition to the two popular travel categories, Saint Lucia was also named amongst the Top 25 destinations in the Caribbean and Mexico for 2010. 

St Lucia real estate value be it in resorts homes or land is destined to appreciate in value  even in the uncertainties of the rest of the real estate world.

In 2010 SPEARS Wealth Management Survey noted that

 ‘St Lucia offers considerably better value (than Barbados)— property prices are between 30 and 40 per cent cheaper. So what does St Lucia have going for investors? Firstly, its banks are conservative, so it has not experienced the price boom of some other islands. The World Bank has ranked it as one of the top 30 countries in the world to invest in prop­erty, the only Caribbean island that high. Thirdly, there are no capital gains, inheritance or estate taxes. But most importantly, it is visually stunning — St Lucia is a volcanic island, far more mountainous than many of its neighbours — and enjoys a temperate year-round tropical climate.’

Sub tropical climate kept mild by cooling trade winds make Saint Lucia a year round delight. Temperatures range from  70°F ( 21°C) to 90°F (32°C) year round getting just a bit cooler in the  latter months of the year.

Saint Lucia is a mere 4 hours travel from Miami and 8 hours non stop from the United Kingdom